Home Medicines Review

Kath Town, pharmacist and allied health professional with Annie Lim Family Practice, answers all your questions about Home Medicines Reviews.

What is a Home Medicines Review (HMR)?

A Home Medicines Review is funded by the Australian Government to help people get the best from their medicines. HMRs are conducted by a specially trained pharmacist to optimise quality use of medicines and patient understanding.

Get the best from your medicines:

Your doctor and a specially trained pharmacist will work as a team and give you confidence in your medicines.

8 reasons you may need an HMR:

Your doctor can give you a referral and you will be seen in your home by the consultant pharmacist at a time suitable to you both. The pharmacist will check the medicines you are taking and confirm they agree with doctor’s list. He or she will then ask you a short set of questions, which are designed to identify any problems you may be having. These issues will then be discussed with you in more detail with view to arriving at a management plan.

Your doctor will get a written report on the findings and outcomes of your home interview, to discuss at your next visit to the surgery.